In Mumbai, India’s city that never sleeps, there are things that exist in the shadows that ordinary people know nothing of; another world that lies underneath our very own; a world of demons, monsters, djinns, mummy’s, werewolves, vampires and demi-gods.

It’s in this world that Paranormal Investigator Darius Mistry, P.I. and his ‘Golem of Prague’ buddy Amos, operate as Paranormal Investigators for hire.


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“Pulse-pounding storytelling, outrageous imagination and wicked dark humour…” – Samit Basu (Author of Resistance, Turbulence)


“Somebody shaved off my tentacle-beard but the team of Mistry, P.I. not only found the culprit but got me my tentacle-beard back!” – Ctholor, Hell-Lord of Tharzox


“I was a teenage werewolf but Mistry, P.I. managed to break the spell and cure me! Now the only thing I break out into during the full moon are zits!” – Teenage Werewolf